About us

About Us

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Grey Star Vicelzo Private Limited

We understand that the labour or service we do is not glamorous, yet there is always a demand for our services. Every aspect of our home or business must be kept in good condition in order to provide a healthier environment. We provide high-end cleaning services as well as disinfection services in two major cities in Kerala, India. We also offer scheduled maintenance and facility management to keep your facilities in good condition.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to provide a wide range or services with effective results with long lasting commitments. Professional cleaning services will adapt and learn for new aspects of technologies and changes in modern world. We could support organization and homes for their operational, marketing & Management for their day to day operations.
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Our Commitment

Our people are training to provide service with responsibility and do clean as it is their own home or office. We provide thorough safety briefing and policies for the well being of our staffs and well the premises we conduct services.We provide quality chemicals and high quality equipments for the best results.