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With the ongoing pandemic situation, disinfection services have become a necessity for sanitizing your home or workplace more than ever. Even in a pandemic-free world, regular sanitization and fumigation are recommended, especially in the monsoon season, to avoid the infestation of pests, mosquitoes, insects, and the growth of bacteria and fungi. It also helps to reduce the risk of cross infection.


“Disinfection services should be done with proper safety measures and the best equipment to avoid any kind of hazards. Greystar provides regular disinfection services at your home and office premises. Our experts are well-trained, certified, and experienced in performing extensive disinfection processes irrespective of the nature and area of the premises.”



There is a huge difference between cleaning and sanitization, and most people are unaware of this. Although regular cleaning does help in avoiding pest or insect infestation, it provides limited protection against microbial presence which is already there. Sanitization is done exclusively to eradicate all kinds of microbes to prevent any kind of contagion. Fumigation is a complex process of pest control. It is done by filling the premises with gaseous pesticides or fumigants to eradicate the infestation of harmful microbes. This is a very effective way to kill bacteria or even viruses in the premises, but has to be done by professionals with proper training and safe equipment.

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GreyStar professionals are experienced and licensed to provide comprehensive disinfection services, including fumigation in risky premises. The chemical agents and equipment our experts at GreyStar use are extremely safe. Our trained and licensed professionals use the right amount of chemical at the right place so that the surface where it is applied is not damaged in any way. We conduct concealed fumigation by covering the intended area, followed by a careful and effective application of the fumigant gas. After holding the space closed for a particular amount of time to ensure the fumigant kills any infestation, we ventilate the space, making it safe for humans. Our sanitization and disinfection services include


  • Antimicrobial Sanitization
  • Foam Cleaning Sanitization
  • Chemical Sanitization
  • Thermal Sanitization
  • Pressure Cleaning Sanitization
  • COVID-19 Special Sanitization
  • Concealed Fumigation
  • House and Office Fumigation
  • Fumigation of Stored Goods
  • Container Fumigation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Use of safe and legal chemical fumigants as per government regulations

Our sanitization and fumigation services are available for:


  • House Premises
  • Office Premises
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hypermarkets
  • Auditoriums and Conference Halls


Our disinfection experts wear mandatory safety masks, gloves, and safety gear while performing the task to mitigate any potential hazards. We also use PPE kits and hand sanitizers in COVID-19 prone areas and maintain mandatory social distancing.


Contact us today or call us on +91 9895054221 to book our disinfection service online. Our associates will have a site visit to discuss the work and give you an estimate.